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  • Beautiful, otherwise known as Ashe, is a 3 1/2 year old Doberman Pinscher who is nothing but a love bug. Her hobbies include playing with toys, going on long walks, and sleeping on the couch with her person. Ashe is a very sweet girl that enjoys laying her head on someone's lap and just hanging out. She is very people

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  • We'd like everyone to meet Bug, a 6 and 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd. Bug is a little shy when he first meets someone new, but once he becomes attached to you he is very loving, gentle and sweet. He gets along with everyone he meets. Bug is up to date on all of his vaccines and neutered. Bug is heart-worm

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  • Charlie is about 2 1/2 years old as of June, 2017 and has been with us for the majority of his life. His family was forced to relocate after losing their home to a fire. Charlie was left chained on the property with a leaning car hood for shelter.

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Welcome to Richardson Rescue

Richardson Rescue, located in York, SC, is a non-profit animal adoption agency dedicated to preserving the sanctity of animal life. While trying to find a forever home for every pet that comes to us, we strive to give owners a better education on pet care, prevent pet neglect/abuse and provide a low cost spay/neuter program for those that can't afford it. Richardson Animal Rescue is a 501C3, non profit, publicly funded rescue.

What does 501C3 mean?

501c3 means that we are funded by the public. ALL donations are tax deductible. We get NO STATE OR FEDERAL FUNDING !! How many we can save is up to you!!!

Many people are appalled that so many animals are euthanized daily at Animal Control. Meanwhile, they do nothing to support the rescues that save these pets. We are the ones saving them and we get no Federal Funding, and the competition for grants makes them almost impossible to get. Daily, we receive upwards of 50 calls with pets needing rescue. We have over a 100 pets in our care at any given time, and we cannot continue to save the lives we do without donations. We have been saving lives, and impacting the lives of homeless pets in our community for 15 years now and have adopted over 5500 pets to great homes. These are pets that would not have had a happy ending without us. We can only continue to do this with your support.

If you see a pet you are interested in, please feel free to email or call 803-628-5084, Monday thru Saturday, 9am to 4pm, for Questions.

If you are interested in adopting, the first step is to submit an adoption application. We check applications daily.
When you receive your approval email, you may then call to make an appointment to visit the pets in our care.

Visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY!! In order to adopt from us, you will need an approved application. The application link is at the top of this page. Please call us at 803-628-5084 to arrange a visit, ask us a question or if you have a pet for rescue. We answer calls daily from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday-Saturday. We are closed to the public on Sunday.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please take a tour of Richardson Rescue.

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Tees for a GOOD CAUSE!

Zuzu's Petals Tees – A CAUSE for SOUTHERN PAWS - 30% net profit is donated to rescues in the south for EVERY tee shirt sold!

From now until the end of the year, the donations will go to the following groups:
· Animal Adoption League

· Friends of York County Shelter

· Halfway There Rescue

· Humane Society of York County

· Project Safe Pet

· Richardson Rescue

At the end of December the proceeds will be divided amongst the groups. PLEASE help spread the word, or consider giving the gift of a cute tee to a friend, a child, sister, mother, aunt, or yourself!

Palmetto Beach Pocketed Tees at Carolina Fresh Farm - 4372 Old York Rd, Rock Hill - Hours 8-5 or at

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Support your favorite animal organization just by walking your dog.

We miss and love you Hanna. "We Hope You Dance"

A little over three years ago, our beloved Jack Russell terrier, Sydney, died. We were heartbroken. Around a month later we started to contemplate getting another Jack Russell.We contacted a breeder. The breeder sent us some emails and pictures and during the correspondence we kept running into problems (dog does not get along with cats{we have two cats}, etc.). My wife was headed to work when a car stopped in front of her at a red light. She read the bumper sticker that was on the back of the car: “Don't Buy From A Breeder...Get A Rescue”. She felt that this was some kind of sign for her to heed. When she got home she started searching the web for Jack Russells. She ran across Richardson's Rescue in York, SC website. She fell in love with the picture of “Willie” a Jack Russell/Fox terrier mix. We called them and said that we wanted “Willie”,and to hold him for us. Our daughter-in-law drove and grandsons were with us on the trip to get “Willie”. The puppy had bonded with everyone on the way home. We changed his name to “Lance” (after Lance Armstrong) and he's been a great dog. We had him for a little over 2 years when he saved my life. I truly believe that the Lord put him in my life for that purpose. He always sleeps at the bottom of our king-size bed. On April 26, 2014, my heart stopped beating around 4am. Lance started licking my face and pawed Gloria's back...waking her up. She noticed that my eyes were set and my tongue was out. No pulse. She called my son, Michael, who is a doctor and lives next door and my daughter-in-law, Michelle, who's an RN and they performed CPR on me until EMTs got there and paddled me 3 times before they got a heartbeat. I didn't know anything until three days later. I spent 19 days in the hospital and I had a quintuple bypass, an ICD implant and a cardioversion. I'm now doing great and contemplating on returning to work at Massage Envy in Concord. All this would not have been possible if Lance had not awaken my wife at 4 am. We usually get up around 6amwhen I would have been dead for 2 hours. I believe that God used LANCE as the catalyst for this blessing. your social media marketing partner


Certified Professional Dog Trainers serving South Charlotte, Gaston County and York County.

For information, please visit



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